Weekly Tarot: SEPTEMBER 17-23 2018

Weekly Tarot: SEPTEMBER 17-23 2018

The card shows an old man carrying a staff in one hand and a lit lantern containing a six pointed star in the other, In the background is a wasteland. Just beyond the wasteland is a mountain range.

His lantern is the Lamp of Truth, used to guide the unknowing. He holds a patriarch’s staff to help him navigate narrow paths as he seeks enlightenment. His cloak is a form of discretion.[1]

With the HERMIT we learn the gifts of Detachment · Guidance · Solitude · Sour-searching and introspection · Thinking and reflection – There are times in every life, when one must step back and make a careful examination of their situations and decisions. Finding the Hermit in your life suggests this is just such a time for you. A period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of your position. This retreat can be physical, or a search within. Only a deep and honest introspection will lead to a solution, however.

You are nearing the point where work success and recognition are well within your grasp. Do your best to be organized and productive. This will pay off for you in ways that aren’t clear yet. Do the “right thing” even if nobody is watching. You are always watching what you are doing.

The pace of your past has slowed, and it is time to accept this. Continue looking for your finals goals and consider the insight you have recently gained. When you become aware of your true road, there will be nothing to stand in your way. Life has challenged you, but you are prepared to make the best of the future.

The Hermit is a card symbolic of seeking some sort of spiritual enlightenment. Solitary introspection and contemplation are also associated with the Hermit. Perhaps some soul-searching and reflection are required on your part. It’s very likely that at this time a person will come into your life who is like a mentor or teacher even if they don’t “teach” you directly. You will still learn from them on several levels. Honor the need that you may be having to withdraw to a degree from ordinary life – It won’t last forever. You will soon be feeling much more social, so don’t push yourself now to be around a lot of people unless it is absolutely necessary. You will likely emerge from this month feeling refreshed and renewed, particularly on a spiritual level.

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