Tarot Card of the Week: Jan 28-Feb 3, 2019

Four of Pentacles

Are you feeling overwhelmed? The world around us sometimes challenges us with the uncertainty of the future. Will we have or do we have the resources to take care of ourselves in the future.

This week we explore the Four of Pentacles: A man sits on a stone seat with a town in the background. A Pentacle rests upon his head. He holds another like a shield at his chest. Below his feet rest two more Pentacles. Financial security is very important to this man and part of his holding onto his Pentacles has to do with his very Pentacle-like nature. As we know, the Pentacles tend to prefer a Long-Term plan, however, looking too far ahead can lead us into fearful thinking. The world around can show us symptoms of being unstable and limited and it can also show us abundance. It depends on where you put your focus. You may unknowingly be reflecting scarcity traits and missing the abundance focused options. Try to take a step away from the bigger world right now and check in with yourself. Ask yourself: Is it your fears or drama and is it your “dog in the fight” or not.

Setting boundaries for yourself may be extremely important to you. You may think people will be looking for something from you if you let them get too friendly. You may be trying to protect yourself from the demands of family and friends. You may fear being under obligation to anyone or anything. Again, the sense of being overwhelmed.

The Four of Pentacles is also a card of gifts and legacy. It represents not only what you give to others but what you leave behind. Like many of the other Pentacles cards, the Four of Pentacles is one of inheritance and yes reward through effort and investment.

Be aware that without risk, there is no reward – if you spend too much of your time attempting to conserve, you may become a prisoner to your own material possessions. Wealth is a kind of energy as well and we create what we express. This a time to commit to what has true value to you. Tune into what creates serenity for you. Conserve your recourses. A commitment to wellness and happiness is an ongoing practice.

The Four of Pentacles as Gifts:

Financial Gains
Hard Work Rewarded
Investments and Savings

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