They provide a powerful opportunity for setting an intention for healing and personal transformation. Ceremonies are more than one special day. They can change your life and can last a lifetime. Connie offers you an opportunity to open yourself to the wonders of being seen and known from the inside out – a truly life-changing event.

General Ceremony Examples: New Moon, Full Moon, Solstice and EquinoxSamhain, Imbloc, Beltane, Lammas


A spirit name is a name that comes from the divine. When you ask for a naming, you are requesting to hear from Spirit. Much may be asked of you. You will be asked to create a life necklace to honor the four directions, all the elements and creatures of the earth, and your own unique life journey. This necklace will reflect you to the world. Connie offers support and guidance about the essential ingredients for the necklace and any other ceremonial preparation. When the necklace is completed, Connie journeys with your necklace and is given a spirit name that offers direction and encouragement to you on your path. She facilitates a naming ceremony to bestow this spirit name and to share it with your community.


I am a minister of the Universal Church of Light. I can create a personalized Ceremony for those special times in your life, including Marriages, Funerals, and Celebrations of Life. Ceremonial services provide powerful opportunities for setting Intention, for Healing, and for Transformation. I offer my years of experience as a Minister and Ceremonial Leader to assist you in your growth.

I would be happy to talk with you about creating an individualized Ceremony which meets your current spiritual needs.


A woman’s vision quest differs from a man’s. Women know about sacrifices of the body. For most of us, we are ruled by our moon cycles, ebbing and flowing each month. There is no need to punish the body in order to find and hear our guidance. Rather than going into the physical wilderness, we learn to look within to hear the voice and receive the visions from Goddess. When you ask to be taken on this journey, be mindful that it will change for you, for that is the purpose. As your teacher and guide, Connie will walk through this process with you.


This ceremony involves a consolidation of power and a rebirth of self. When you request an eldership ceremony, you are making a deep commitment. You will walk through a life review, letting go of whatever no longer serves you, emptying out, and creating the space for a new foundation. As ceremony facilitator, Connie will guide you through your preparation. She will be communicating with your spiritual guides so that she can be of service in your process and in officiating the day of the ceremony.


Crossing over the threshold into womanhood is a powerful time in a young maiden’s life. To be welcomed and honored as she moves into this phase of her life can be joyful and magical. As the maiden joins with other women, she will be greeted and gifted by her sisters. Her elders will each give tools and gifts as she joins this new circle – a circle that embraces her as an equal. Connie will guide the maiden to a greater understanding of the blessings of becoming a powerful woman.